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Acorn Building Extensions in Plymouth

Are you finding your home is becoming a little crowded? With the rising cost of moving house and difficulty securing mortgages the solution could be to extend your property to provide you with the extra space you require. Placing an extension on your property will not only provide you with more space, perhaps an extra bedroom, utility or office, but will also add value to your home. Acorn Building Solutions are extremely experienced in commercial and domestic extensions, boasting  an extensive portfolio. Acorn Building Solutions will project manage all elements of your extension from design and planning including regulation checks and inspection, building your extension with the aim to cause as little disruption to your daily lives as possible, through to the finishing interior design providing a result you are completely satisfied with.

Building Extension Plan

Planning, design, cost and permission

When it comes to designing your extension you need to take in to consideration what extra space you require along with cost and the chances of gaining permission from your local council.

What extra space do you need?

Whatever your present requirements are, Acorn Building Solutions will liaise with you to ensure the design or your extension not only meets your current requirements but will also provide longevity. We will encourage you to consider any addition needs you may encounter in the future which will help your decision as to whether to build a one or two storey extension. An example may be that you only require some extra office space and a downstairs WC at present but are planning on starting a family in a couple of years, perhaps then warranting a double extension to incorporate an addition bedroom upstairs. Acorn Building Solutions can assist you in deciding exactly how big or small you want your extension to be and are willing to offer additional suggestions for those who are unsure of the design and cost of what they require.

How much will it cost?

Many people are unaware of the cost involved in building an extension and are therefore often assume the cost is out of their reach and consequently are reluctant to even enquire. Acorn Building solutions are willing to answer any questions you may have about extending your property and are happy to provide a free non-committal quote for your needs. We are also willing to work to your budget, you tell us how much you want to spend and we can provide for that amount. It is often the case that the cost of extending your property is less than the cost to upgrade to a larger property and subsequently the value the extension adds to your property is more then to cost incurred building it. Acorn Building Solutions also provide an excellent staged payment method, requiring only 50% to start the build, a further 25% at midpoint construction and the remaining 25% on completion.

Gaining permission from the local authority

With the new laws in place at present, planning permission is not required if the proposed project is to be a single storey and not more than 50% of your rear garden. If this is not the case then Following submission for approval we apply for planning permission.

If you are planning a larger extension then Acorn Building Solutions are very experienced in obtaining permission from local authorities. We use expert architects help design and draw the planned extension taking into account the surrounding properties as to provide the best chance in obtaining successful planning permission. Our Architect will provide you with a full copy of the planning drawings for your perusal. No drawings will be submitted to the local authority until you have confirmed they meet your specification.

Every extension we plan and build must adhere to current building regulations, our team are fully experienced in all elements of safety and there should not be any issues surrounding the building regulations for your project.

Extension Planning Permission

With a full 10-year guarantee on all Acorn Building Solutions extensions, you can be sure that your extension is built to last and have complete peace of mind. Acorn Building Solutions in Plymouth have many years of experience building house extensions including single storey and double storey house extensions for clients across Plymouth and the South West.

How we can help

We Can Help With
We Can Help
  • Project Management
  • Building Appraisals
  • Design and Drawings
  • Planning Permission
  • Building Regulations
  • Extension Planning

Acorn Building Solutions hold professional accounts with many suppliers, permitting us offer competitive prices. Having key relations with Suppliers ensures we only use the best materials for your build. Acorn Building Solutions will assign a manager to oversee all elements of your design and build quality and be your point of contact for any enquiries you may have. We try our best to minimise any disruption to your house during building, allowing you to carry out your daily duties with the reassurance we are managing all aspects of the project for you.

Planned and reactive maintenance

Acorn Building Solutions understand the desire for a high quality finish in as short a time as possible. Our team are trained to be able to work within a set time frame with any unforeseen issues being dealt with quickly and effectively to avoid any job over running. After your project is complete Acorn Building Solutions offer an extensive reactive maintenance team who are able to help maintain the quality of your extension and are available on call out should you have any concerns.

Emergency Maintenance

Why Choose Us

  • Why Choose Us
    Why Choose Us?
    We are big enough to take on any challenge yet are small enough to provide a personal service. We give a reliable service that is cost effective without sacrificing quality.
  • Our Experience
    Our Experience
    Our team specialise in a first class finish. We only employ highly skilled professionals who have ample training and experience in their specialist fields. We are extremely proud of our reputation of timely, tidy, respectful, and focused employees.
  • How We Work
    How We Work
    We support you from start to finish, focusing on providing the best value for money we analyse your requirements, provide you with the options available to you and work to your needs and budget without forfeiting quality and sustainability.
  • Here to Help
    Here To Help
    With a full 10-year guarantee on all Acorn Building Solutions extensions, you can be sure that your project is built to last and have complete peace of mind. We can offer a full maintenance service to help with the upkeep of your new extension and also provide you with a emergency call out number should any unexpected problems occur.
  • Planning Your Extension

    Acorn Building solutions will work closely with you to explore the endless possibilities that are open and available to you when designing your extension. We will also take into consideration a few important factors that can affect your finished project.

    The first factor that needs to be considered is light. We will need to design your extension to be light and airy and at a position and height which will not take any light away from your neighbours. Consider the intended use of the extension and whether it would benefit from being situated at the front or rear of your property with regards to sunlight. If the only option available to you is to place your extension between two buildings then we will work to ensure the extension is as light as possible and install plenty of energy saving lighting to reduce energy bills.

    The positioning of windows within the extension can play a huge role in the amount of light. Acorn Building Solutions suggest placing the same number of windows on opposing sides of the extension in order to receive the greatest benefit from natural light. Other methods that can be used to increase natural light into a property include the installation of Velux windows with the roof or installation of a conservatory, however both these methods can affect the heating of your home during cooler weather so consideration would need to be given to the number of radiators within these rooms or the installation of under floor heating.

    House Extension

    When considering how big your extension will be you must take into account the remaining land and ensure you have enough left to meet your external needs such as parking, access and garden leisure. Acorn Building Solutions are able to help you visualise how your extension will finally look by providing you copies of architect drawings and where possible plotting your extension parameters on your existing land. Finally be aware that any plans you make can be objected to by your neighbours. We advise our customers to consult any neighbours who may be affected before submitting the final plans and be willing to compromise.

    Acorn Building solutions are willing to answer any questions you may have about extending your property and are happy to provide a free non-committal quote for your needs. We are also willing to work to your budget, you tell us how much you want to spend and we can provide for that amount.

    Areas we carry out home extensions include Plymouth and the surrounding areas.

    Extension Plans